Classes / Training

At Clayton's we offer firearm instruction ranging from the absolute beginner to advanced combatives and tactics for the LE / competitive shooter.  Let us help you shoot for the first time or give you the winning edge over your competition. 

We offer structured NRA classes, private lessons and instruction tailored to your exact needs.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION- Private lessons with a certified instructor for yourself or a small group is available 6 days a week. Lessons are 1 and 1/2 hours long and include everything you will need besides whatever ammunition is used. Instruction is custom tailored to your needs. This is a great way to learn how to shoot for the first time or enhance and fine tune the skills you already have.  Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. There is no experience required to schedule. Cost for 1 person is $100 per lesson. A private lesson for two people costs $150. Call with any questions or to make a reservation. 


-FUNDAMENTALS OF PISTOL  The Fundamentals of Pistol course is an certificate of completion class designed to introduce the shooter to proper handling, safety, function, and mantinence of their new firearm. Classes are held EVERY Tuesday and Thursday of the month! This course is designed for the new shooter or someone looking to become more confident and knowledgeable in the handling and use of a handgun. Just 3 hours long; we'll spend time in the classroom and range. Posession of your own handgun is suggested but not necessary. No previous experience is required. Class is limited to 6 students per night. classes held twice per week! See below for class schedule and times.            Total cost is $125

INTRO TO CONCEALED CARRY- So you have a permit to carry and have decided to protect yourself and your family out in the world? -THIS is the class for you. Intro to CC is an 8 hour infromative course designed to give you the information you need to SAFELY and effectively use a handgun for defense. We examine what it takes to survive a gunfight, and what to expect in the worst situations ever. You will be introduced to the defensive mindset, stages of awareness, choosing the right gear, methods of draw, tactical engagement, shooting while moving, shooting from cover, point shooting and more. Using police training videos and real world experiences, we go over the psychological and physiological things that our bodies experience in a gunfight. In order to take this class you must have completed the NRA Basic Pistol course, or have equivalent experience in gun handling. Students must have their own gun in safe working order, holster and 200 rounds of ammunition. Classes are held on two weekday evenings. See below for monthly schedule.  Total cost is $250 per person. 

ADVANCED CONCEALED CARRY-  This class is the follow up to the Intro To Concealed Carry. This 8 hour course is designed for the intermedieate to advanced shooter; and covers pistol combatives including reloads, moving while shooting, failure drills, speed shooting, low light method, and weapon retention. Approximately 3 of the 8 hours are classroom; while the rest will be comprised of range trigger time. Designed by Ed Hartzel this course combines proven methods of the most popular schools of handgun combat. Students MUST have completed the Intro to Concealed Carry; OR show completion of the NRA PPOTH, have an active IDPA Marksman ranking, or USPSA C Class, or have attended a similar accreddited Defensive pistol course. ( IE Farnham Defensive Pistol, Blackwater 3 Day, etc) Students must have their own defensive handgun in good working order; at least 3 spare magazines or speed loaders; eye and ear protection; spare magazine deployment, strong side holster, cleaning kit, and 500 rounds of ammunition. Please call with any question you have. Cost for class is $250 per student.  


NRA FIRST STEPS RIFLE- AR15-  $165 . In this presentation of the NRA FIRST STEPS RIFLE course students will be guided through the safe handling, operation, and maintenance of the AR15 rifle and it's variants. This 4 hour course includes workbook, brochures and NRA certificate of completion. Students may bring their own AR15, or one will be supplied. No experience is necessary.  

Rifles and accessories available in store!



                                                           OCTOBER     25TH & 26TH    6-9:30PM
                                                           NOVEMBER   29TH & 30TH    6-9:30PM
                                                           DECEMBER   20TH & 21ST    6-9:30PM


                                                                TO BE ANNOUNCED

           FUNDAMENTALS OF PISTOL-      TUESDAY     SEPT 12TH      6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY     SEPT 19TH      6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY     SEPT 26TH      6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY      OCT  3RD       6-9PM
                                                          THURSDAY    OCT  5TH       6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY      OCT  10TH     6-9PM
                                                          THURSDAY    OCT  12TH     6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY      OCT  17TH      6-9PM
                                                          THURSDAY    OCT  19TH      6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY      OCT   24TH     6-9PM
                                                          THURSDAY    NOV  2ND      6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY      NOV  7TH       6-9PM
                                                          THURSDAY    NOV  9TH       6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY      NOV   14TH    6-9PM
                                                          THURSDAY    NOV  16TH     6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY      NOV   21ST    6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY      NOV   28TH    6-9PM

                                                          TUESDAY    DEC  5TH    6-9PM
                                                          THURSDAY   DEC  7TH    6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY    DEC 12TH    6-9PM
                                                          THURSDAY   DEC  14TH   6-9PM
                                                          TUESDAY     DEC 19TH    6-9PM
                                                          THURSDAY   DEC 21ST    6-9PM

                  NRA FUNDAMENTALS OF RIFLE-     $165

                                                          THURSDAY  SEPT 21ST    5-9PM